Evictions During SC State of Emergency – Update

Following our email to you on Friday discussing a Memorandum from the SC Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, we just received this updated Order from the Chief Justice and wanted to pass it along to you as soon as possible today.  As you will see, the Supreme Court has ordered the State’s Courts to continue all pending hearings in eviction cases until a date on or after May 1.

The court will send out new dates to all interested parties after they are assigned and our team will update the online system.

For any current cases where we are already working with a tenant or opposing counsel, we’ll continue to try and reach a resolution for you; but otherwise, our team will let you know as soon as we have received word of the new date for each case.

Our information is that the Court has advised the various Courts of the State to continue to remain open and to continue to accept new filings, so for new cases that become necessary this month, please feel free to continue your usual case submission protocols and timelines; our staff is ready to review and process new cases for you promptly, so that they can be filed as soon as possible and thereby secure a “place in line” for whenever actual hearings are permitted to resume.

We thank you for your trust and continued business and we will continue to keep you updated as relevant information becomes available to us.

Kind regards,

Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
The Eviction Team