Inclement Weather

If you have a scheduled court date Friday September 30, please be sure to click the links below and check to make sure your County is still open for business and you can also click the Contact Us button below to ask our legal team.

Georgia – Court Closures Due to Inclement Weather

North Carolina – Court Closures Due to Inclement Weather

South Carolina – Court Closures Due to Inclement Weather

If counties close and hearings need to be rescheduled, please allow us 3-5 business days to update Nationwide with the new court dates as the counties sometimes take several days to recover and provide us with that new information.

Most of our team members are working remotely. Our Charleston office is closed and we expect that team members in that area may lose power and/or internet soon, so please be patient as we work to serve you while also staying safe.

As always, please stay safe and be smart when it comes to traveling in inclement weather. We will keep you updated via our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter if anything changes.

Thank you for your continued trust and business!