Instructions for OPS Integration

We are happy to transmit your invoices to your OPS account electronically and we are probably already connected with your management company as a vendor.  In order for us to transmit invoices to OPS, however, we need you to request us on the property level (not management company level).  This connection is not something that we are able to initiate – we must receive an invitation from you.

Please see the instructions below that OPS provided to us.  We do not have access to your side of the software, so we are unfamiliar with how this works and are unable to assist.  If you have trouble, please contact OPS at 1-800-704-0154.  Also, if you are not the person in your organization who typically handles OPS setup, please forward your request to your OPS representative so that they may assist you.


  1. Go to OpsBuyer > Portfolio Setup > Select the property
  2. From the Suppliers tab select Manage Account #
  3. Type our ID in the Vendor Code Box (LOEBNFHS7Q2U) and click Search
  4. Select us > Select New > Click Add
  5. Click Submit Request

Until we receive the OPS invitation and enter your account number into Nationwide, your invoices will be emailed to you instead.  After the OPS integration is complete, you will continue to receive courtesy copies of your invoices via email.  If you no longer wish to receive those, simply log into your Nationwide Compliant (formerly Nationwide Eviction) account, click on “My Account” in the top right corner, and remove the check mark from the box labeled “Receive Invoice.”

If you have any questions or if I may be of service, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Bell.