Recent updates regarding the CDC Eviction Moratorium and more.

First, the Supreme Court Ruling.


Late yesterday, a divided US Supreme Court ruled that it would NOT alter the ruling of the DC Circuit Court that allows the CDC Order providing a “Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions” to remain in effect while the legal case challenging it is being appealed. The ruling includes language from a majority of the Justices, however, that the CDC exceeded its authority in issuing the Order. That means that if the CDC tried to “go back on its word” that the extension through July 31st would be the last extension, specific approval from Congress would be required.

The NC Council of State Vote.

News broke that the NC Council of State voted NOT to authorize the Governor to extend his Executive Order #171  “Assisting North Carolinians at Risk of Eviction.” The Governor has indicated that he will not override the Council’s decision and issue his own further extension, so today is the last day the Order (which had been extended several times since its issuance) will remain in effect.

What does this mean for our NC Clients?

  • The NC HOPE Program protections will end today, June 30, 2021.
  • The deadline to notify the Court of receipt of a CDC Declaration will no longer be the rule.
  • There is no longer an obligation to provide a blank CDC Declaration form.


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