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Our eviction team helps you in 4 key areas

Getting Started

If you haven’t already done so, fill out our registration form to sign up for an account with us.

Our client team will email you with any questions, or simply send you our representation agreement.

Watch for our email with your login credentials, then just sign in to submit & manage eviction cases.

How Does Filing an Eviction Case Work?

All eviction requests are submitted to us through our online portal, by our clients. Next, the request and supporting documents are each reviewed and approved by one of our experienced attorneys, and then, they’re processed and sent to the courthouse for filing (overnight or electronically) by our processing team.

Filing and Process of Services fees are paid up front and you are invoiced with convenient 30-day terms.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will be able to log in to your account through our online portal and begin submitting and managing your eviction cases. We encourage you to manage all of your cases and make requests/ask questions of us through the Contact Us portion of our website. You’ll also want to make sure you keep an eye on your email: all case-related updates, reminders, and Invoices will come to you via email. When you do have questions, simply log in to the portal and you’ll find that much of the information you need is already posted there. But if you have eviction-related legal questions, our team of attorneys is always available to answer those questions with no additional charges – they’re a built-in part of our service to our clients.

Filing Complaints

Once you’ve submitted your case(s), it’s our turn to get to work for you


Our attorneys review your requests and the supporting documents. Once they’re approved, our processing team prepares the documents to start your cases with the Court.

If there’s anything we’re missing or that needs explanation, we’ll contact you for clarification.


We send your Complaints / Dispossessory Warrants / Unlawful Detainers to the Court for filing, either overnight or electronically.

Filing and Process of Services fees are paid up front and you are invoiced with convenient 30-day terms.


Once the Court provides us with the case number & any hearing date, we assign them to each of your cases.

By simply logging in to your account, you will have access to this updated information every step of the process.

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Our Attorney Team helps you avoid the lost time & wasted money that comes from unwanted mistakes in your eviction process!

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