How Do I File a Writ

Requesting a Writ of Possession/Eviction

Please be sure to read the introductory information below. After you’ve done that, please read your State Specific information below that. To do so, click the name of your State, and that section of the page will expand so that you may see how things are handled in your particular area.

When a case becomes writ eligible (based on the laws in your state), the Vacated and Writ links will become blue and active. We do not file Writs automatically, but rather we file them after you have submitted a Writ of Possession Request through our online eviction portal and completed the second step described in the supplemental state-specific information below. It is a two-step process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please click and read State-specific instructions below, as well, very carefully as there are certain deadlines and certain “Next Steps” you must carry out to complete the process fully. Failure to follow these instructions could result in you having to restart the eviction process from scratch which could cost you thousands of dollars.

DON’T MISS THIS:  Until all CARES and Rental Assistance restrictions have gone away, every time you request a Writ of Possession, you should hear back from one of our team members, typically the same day, with a few follow-up questions. Those questions must be answered in writing by you before we may proceed. If you request a Writ and you don’t receive a follow-up email within 24 hours, contact us immediatelyJust because your case is sitting in the “Writ Filed” section of Nationwide, that does not mean the paperwork has actually been filed. We cannot file the writ until you respond to those follow-up questions via DocuSign or complete our Writ Request form as we describe below. Just to reiterate, your Writ is not filed until you receive our invoice. If you have not received our invoice, your writ has only been requested but has not yet been filed because we’re waiting to hear back from you.

Last, but not least, when you’re done with the process of requesting the Writ and getting it filed, don’t forget to read important instructions on How You Should Deal with Belongings Left in the Unit.

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If you do not need a Writ, however, please log into your account and click on Vacated or Dismiss instead.

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