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Our attorneys know that every situation is unique and that when it comes to evictions, our clients are often faced with difficult case-specific decisions. That’s why we strive to provide our clients with timely and relevant legal advice at every step of the process.

To help you achieve the best possible outcome in each of your cases, our attorneys are always available to provide the answers you need, so you can be confident in the case-related decisions you make. And we always include all of this case-related legal advice as part of our service to you.

Loebsack & Brownlee is a single-purpose Law Firm that focuses exclusively on providing residential eviction services to professionally-managed properties in the Carolinas and Georgia. We provide legal advice and counsel, as well as courtroom representation, only on matters relating to the termination of residential tenancies, the attendant dispossessory proceedings (including tenant appeals) and any post-Judgment process for recovery of possession of the Landlord’s premises.
*Because we are a flat-fee service and utilize predictive pricing models, we do not provide a la carte filing but rather ask our clients to bring us all of their cases rather than filing some on their own and some through our firm.

Costs vary by location, property type, subsidies, and reason for eviction, but our team is happy to go over this with you during a new client consultation. We also provide this information to our clients after onboarding is complete, as part of new client orientation.

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Once you have signed our Firm’s Representation Agreement, we will coordinate with our eviction software partner to set up your online account. Training is also offered to new clients, to assist you with learning all the features and tools that are available in the site. Once you login, though, submitting a request for an eviction filing is as simple as filling in all the required fields, and clicking “Submit.” We’ll receive electronic notification of your request, along with all of the information you’ve provided, and we take it from there to get your eviction(s) prepared and your hearing date scheduled.

Invoices are automatically emailed to clients overnight, once we have processed and submitted paperwork to the Court. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that the case has been processed and is out the door. No monthly bills piling up — you get alerted the very next day. With convenient online access via an Invoice tab, clients can also view, print, or download invoices and statements and we also accept payments online via credit card or ACH, saving you more time and money.

You can mail overnight payments to our physical address:

Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
ATTN: Accounts Receivable
1850 E. 3rd Street, Suite 245
Charlotte, NC 28204

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