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Filing without a Lease – VA version

Luckily, in Virginia, a landlord can indeed file an eviction against a tenant without a lease.  While Virginia law requires

Why don’t you seek a monetary judgment?

Our firm does not seek Money Judgments in our eviction cases because it is outside our scope of services –

Why was the resident served even though I dismissed the eviction online?

Managing evictions online has given many people the misconception that evictions are handled electronically and instantaneously.  North Carolina and South

Filing without a Lease

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Successfully Uploading Documents

In this brief tutorial, we will be looking at a live demonstration for uploading documents and waiting until they successfully

Other Than Non-Payment Submissions

When filing a case for a reason Other than Non-Payment (we call those ONP cases), you will have to take

eCourts moving on to Track 4 Counties

Attention Alamance, Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Guilford (Greensboro & Highpoint), Orange, Person, Vance, Warren County clients! As you might know,

CARES Act Flowcharts

If you’re having trouble determining whether or not your property is Covered or Exempt under the Federal CARES Act, please

Can I Evict a Deceased Resident

When a tenant passes away, their tenancy does not automatically transfer to someone else, unless specific legal provisions are in

Required documents when filing on LIHTC, Rural Development, Section 8, and more.

When the Violence Against Women Act was reauthorized, the list of “covered property” types was updated to include both Low-Income

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