Urgent: Inclement Weather

Severe weather is expected to impact several counties across our area and we have received alerts that some courts will

What if a tenant doesn’t transfer the power to their own name?

Landlords often wonder what to do when a tenant doesn’t have power switched into their name after moving in. Most

After I win possession, when may I file the writ?

In North Carolina, the Writ eligibility date is 10 calendar days from the date the Judgment is entered by the Clerk, following the

What do I do about unfamiliar animals?

If you find an unfamiliar animal in a tenant’s Unit, don’t automatically assume the animal is a violation of your

Why was the resident served even though I dismissed the eviction online?

Managing evictions online has given many people the misconception that evictions are handled electronically and instantaneously.  North Carolina and South

Why don’t you seek a monetary judgement?

Our firm does not seek Money Judgments in our eviction cases because it is outside our scope of services –

How long do I have to hold on to a tenant’s belongings after the lockout?

North Carolina – The statute requires that a tenant be given notice that they have 7 calendar days after the day

When (and how much) can I charge my tenant for their eviction case?

No matter which state your Property is located in, the answer to the question of “When” can you seek reimbursement

What documents are needed if a resident receives government subsidies?

In order to be able to verify that a Sec. 8 resident’s case is proper and able to be filed,

What if I Have No Lease at All – SC version

If you are a South Carolina client and you truly have no written lease, not an older expired lease, not

Unsigned but Otherwise Current Lease – SC Version

Are you a South Carolina client and your current lease is unsigned, or you don’t have access to prior management’s

How to Pay Your Invoices Online

If you do not have access to Nationwide, you can also make a Payment Here.

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