Jared Schmidt Promoted to Partner

Today we have the privilege of passing on a congratulatory message to the 2nd attorney who decided to join Chris Loebsack in helping build what was then Loebsack & Associates – everyone please help us congratulate Jared Schmidt on his promotion to Partner with the Firm!  Jared joined our Team in September, 2013, and thanks to his efforts over these last 5 years, we’ve revolutionized how the process of eviction filings (with all of its legal work) is performed.  Jared will be in charge of helping us modernize our practice in all 3 states where we now practice and offer our services, as well as continuing his excellent supervision of the L&B Attorney team.

Thanks, Jared, for all you’ve done through your dedication and commitment – this Firm would not be the amazing place that it is without you! Congratulations!