It’s Official…We are expanding into Georgia!

Charlotte, NC – July 9, 2019 – The team at Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC is pleased to announce that they have their fourth attorney sworn in and authorized to practice law in Georgia, which means there are a lot of changes on the horizon for the growing law firm.

“We’ve been making moves leading up to this announcement for several years,” Chris Loebsack said in a statement this afternoon. “We’ve focused on perfecting our business model for our Carolina clients, and now we’re excited for this move into Georgia to provide that market with the same customer experience our North and South Carolina clients have come to expect. Our approach to eviction cases is a modern one; providing full legal representation, real-time case updates, and fixed fee pricing for clients… all of which create a more satisfying experience for our clients who generally dislike having to deal with this part of the property- management business.”

Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC is an eviction services law firm created by Chris Loebsack and Will Brownlee (retired) in 2012 and currently has 5 principal offices throughout North and South Carolina, with 17 attorneys and 27 team members on staff.