Urgent: Inclement Weather

Severe weather is expected to impact several counties across our area and we have received alerts that some courts will be closed on Tuesday, January 9. If your county is affected, we will contact the clerks of court the next business day that they are open and reschedule your cases for the first available date.

Please allow us ample time to do this after the courts have reopened, especially if multiple counties are affected. We will work as expeditiously as possible, but it sometimes takes several hours or even a day to reschedule things because the courts are overwhelmed with phone calls and communications. Once cases have been rescheduled, we will update the eviction portal and the system will send out email updates that night.

To find out if your county is affected, please visit the official links below for Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina. Please be safe and stay tuned for more information over the next few days.

Georgia – https://georgiacourts.gov/court-closures-due-to-inclement-weather/

North Carolina – http://www.nccourts.org/News/Advisories.asp

South Carolina – http://www.scemd.org/closings

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