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Understanding the Vacated and Dismiss Buttons

We often hear this from clients: “Nationwide says that my resident vacated, but they haven’t. Please help!” Usually, this is

Google Sheets to Microsoft Excel

We understand that not everybody has access to Microsoft Excel, so we have an easy and free workaround for you.

Validating Property Information

This video tutorial will help you see how to validate your property’s address, phone number, and contact information. Regardless of

Uploading Secure Documents to Nationwide

We were notified by Nationwide that their upload protocols changed recently to be in line with electronic court filing systems

Partners of L&B 2020

Lawyers’ and Well-Being. Erasing the stigma.

Contrary to public perception the day to day life of a lawyer goes beyond the 9-5. Most people are surprised

Gain the L&B Advantage

Our Attorney Team helps you avoid the lost time & wasted money that comes from unwanted mistakes in your eviction process!

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